New Adventures with Adventureland Moms

I’m making a change. A big one. And I’m jumping in with both feet! Actually, strike that, I already jumped! I have joined my DDF (Dear Disney Friend,) Becca, the Anna to my Elsa, to bring you a new podcast called, Adventureland Moms!Adventureland Moms Podcast

Join Becca, of Love Our Crazy Life fame, and I in chatting about family, travel, and of course, Disney! Our very first episode has been posted up and is ready for you to give it a listen. Episode 1 is a fun, ‘getting to know you’ session. Becca’s Facebook group came up with a couple of fun questions for us:

What is your favorite Disney memory?

Where do you like to stay when you go to Disneyland?

Where is your favorite place to eat at Disneyland and why?

What is your favorite attraction?

We even chat about how to pronounce my name…so this is definitely an episode you can’t miss! 😉

You can listen to the podcast below, or you can view the chat on YouTube by CLICKING HERE. We hope our podcast will be available on iTunes soon, so stay tuned!

Keep in mind that this is my very first podcast ever, and I was pretty nervous in the beginning! I promise, I’ll get better as we go. In the meantime, if there are any topics you think we should cover, let us know in a  comment below!

About The Author

My name is Michaelyn Pouncey and I am a mom to three beautiful girls. I grew up in Southern California and was lucky enough to have a Disneyland annual pass up until recently. Disneyland was a huge part of my childhood and I love that it is a part of my children's as well. I started this blog first and foremost out of my love for everything Disney. I also wanted to help other people who may want more information on the parks or who just want to look at some pretty pictures of all things Disney has to offer!

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