Goofy’s Kitchen

Whenever you ask someone about character dining at Disneyland, Goofy’s Kitchen is sure to come up. It is by far my favorite place to eat at Disney. Some perks of this restaurant include the fact that you don’t have to stand in line to hopefully meet the characters before their bathroom break. The characters come to you and actually visit with you while you eat, and since it is located in the Disneyland Hotel, you don’t have to pay park admission to eat here!

If you know ahead of time when you’re planning on eating at Goofy’s Kitchen, call the Disney dining reservation line at (714) 781-3463. You can make your reservation 60 days ahead of time. You may still have to wait a few minutes when you get there, but you will not be made to wait what could be hours with all of the walk-ins. If you do decide to walk-in (like I do) and wait it out with your kids, visit their tv room/mini theater just across from the restaurant. In there, they show Disney movies and cartoons for you to enjoy. It makes the wait a bit easier with little ones.


Once your name is called, you will be taken to your first character meet of the evening where there also happens to be a Disney photographer with Photopass cards ready to go. Usually, you will be meeting Goofy at this spot, but occasionally you will meet Pluto, Chip or Dale, or even Minnie instead.


Once you smile for the camera, then you’ll head inside to the amazing buffet! If you are there for breakfast, you absolutely must get the Mickey waffles…if for no other reason, just to take a picture of them! They are as adorable as they are delicious! Their breakfast is actually more of a brunch so they have many options for you to choose from: yogurt, fruit, bacon, french toast, pancakes and the famous “Goofy’s Peanut Butter Pizza”….haven’t tried it, but the kids love it!  The eggs benedict are also amazing! For dinner, you can expect foods like prime rib, a great salad bar, “Goofyroni and Cheese,” fresh fish, potatoes, veggies, pizza, and hot dogs. The desert bar is amazing and huge! They have everything from the classic worms in dirt to mini cheesecakes! My personal favorite is the soft serve with every topping you could ever want! Yum!  As many times as I have been, I still don’t think we’ve sampled everything!

The real reason people go to Goofy’s Kitchen is for the priceless character interaction. Characters come to your table and you are free to take pictures with them and get autographs. You don’t feel rushed like you do in the parks because the line of people behind you to see the character is always a mile long! Here, they come around and really just play! We usually see about 6 characters and they most often include a couple princesses, Pluto, Minnie, Chip or Dale, and Goofy. Goofy has been known to play peek-a-boo with the babies. Princesses have given short princess lessons on how to eat your meal like a prince or princess. (They sure do listen better when Princess Aurora teaches them manners!) Dale has also come up from behind, covered my dad’s eyes and played “guess who!”  They interact with everyone, not just the wee ones! Should a character accidentally pass your table by, let your waiter know and they will be sure to have them come back as soon as possible. If it is your birthday, don’t forget to tell your waiter and they will bring you a special birthday cupcake. Sometimes the characters will also come and help sing you happy birthday! It is so much fun for everyone and I highly recommend it!

For breakfast, Goofy’s Kitchen currently costs $27.99 for adults and $14.99 for kids. For dinner, it runs $33.99 for adults and still $14.99 for kids. In March, the price will go up a couple dollars as Disneyland heads into “Spring Break” time and their peak season.






***Note: Goofy’s Kitchen used to do this event every 20 minutes or so where they would have the kids get up and dance or play music with Goofy and the other characters. (pictured below) It was a lots of fun, but they have recently discontinued this “due to a customer complaint,” as I was told by a cast member. If you are looking to dance with some of your favorite characters, you can head over to Disney’s PCH Grill at the Paradise Pier Hotel for the “Surf’s Up! Breakfast with Mickey and Friends.”



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