Disney Characters Respond to Fan Mail

A few years ago, I saw people posting about how they had written “fan mail” to their favorite Disney character and received a signed 8×10 photo! I had big plans of writing in myself to get an autographed photo of Mickey to hang on my wall (yes, MY wall, not my kids’,) but I just kept putting it off. Well I put it off a little too long because they no longer send the 8×10 photos, BUT they do send signed picture post cards in response.

The other week, I sat down with two of my girls and had them pick their favorite Disney character to write to. My six year old, Morgan, wrote her own letter to Princess Aurora, while my three year old, Mikayla, dictated her letter to Cinderella to me and then traced her name at the end. Here are there letters, just because I thought they were adorable.


By the way…the ‘horse” she is talking about in her letter is a horse on King Arthur’s carousel. DSC_0275 DSC_0276 *I corrected the spelling of Aurora on Morgan’s card before I mailed it off just in case the Disney Princesses weren’t sure who she was referring to when they received her letter.

For about 3 weeks, Mikayla asked me day in and day out when she was going to hear back from Cinderella. She was so excited to get something in the mail, let alone that it was getting something from her favorite princess!  Finally, the day came and we got the post card in the mail. Unfortunately, we only got the one for Mikayla which made for a rough evening for Morgan, but the card for her came two days later. They were each so excited! Morgan was a little confused because they each received a letter from “Cinderella and my royal friends” when she had written to Aurora, but she was happy enough to receive a card with a picture of all of the princesses on it.


It was definitely a fun experience for the kids and I also liked it because it had my oldest practicing her letter writing skills. I always love when something Disney related can merge in with education like that!

Want to write to your favorite character? Here are three addresses that I’ve come across that you can write to:

1) The one I used:

Disneyland Resort

Guest Communications

Attn: Character Fan Mail

P.O. Box 3232

Anaheim, CA 92803-3232


Walt Disney World Communications

P.O. Box 10040

Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830-0040


Walt Disney Company

Attn: Fan Mail Department

500 South Buena Vista Street

Burbank, CA 91521



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11 thoughts on “Disney Characters Respond to Fan Mail

  1. In our letters, I just had the kids write whatever they wanted to say to the princesses. We didn’t use any specific script. I just made sure that the return address was written clearly on there. I do want to let you know that we have heard back from people who wrote to characters other than princesses and Mickey and friends and received a postcard from Mickey and Friends instead. If you think your child would be really upset by getting a card from Mickey, you might want to print out a picture from online and make your own postcard to use as a backup. Just an idea! But I would definitely try to send them a letter! If you do hear back from them, let me know!

  2. Could you send me a sample of what I should write to a character and can we write letters to characters to movie characters? I want to write a fan letter to Baymax and Hiro Hamada from Big Hero 6.

  3. Hi Alice! Thanks for stopping by the blog. I understand why she was upset as well. Normally, I would have held the postcard until they both received a response, but unfortunately we all went to the mailbox together that day so that was not an option. Have a great day!

  4. You should have just kept the first postcard until the second one arrived and given them to your girls at the same time. I can understand why one of your daughters was upset.

  5. I am so sorry that you and your students had that experience. I have only heard from a couple of people who didn’t hear back from the characters. Did you try both addresses? Maybe you would have better luck with the other one, or even with sending just one letter. I totally understand that you don’t want to get the kids’ hopes up again, but maybe you could write to Mickey and then wait until you get a response to have the other children write their letters. You could then show them your postcard like it was sent for them. Just an idea.

  6. I had students write letters to Disney characters last school year, each of which was individually enveloped and mailed out. We also never received a response. I won’t be having my students write the characters this year, I would much rather find someone they could write and get writing back from.

  7. I have never heard of it taking more than a month, but I can ask around and see what other people have experienced. I will get back to you if I hear something that I think might help you. I wish I was somehow involved with Disney so that I could tell you if your letters were received, but I am not. I just blog about the magic, but I am not connected with them whatsoever. You might try sending the letters to one of the other addresses listed. I hope that you do hear back from them!

  8. A couple of months ago, my students (5 of them) sent letters to their favorite characters. They never received a response. Is this timeline normal? Will they be getting a response? They came from Leicester Elementary School, 31 Gilbert Road, Leicester, NC 28748.

    Thank You.

  9. How incredibly cool! I’m a huge Disney fan, and I’ve been writing letters to celebrities every day for the last thirty years, but I never once considered writing to the characters themselves. (I wonder if Robin Hood would answer if I wrote to him? Or Herbie the Love Bug?) My two boys (ages 8 and 10) have picked up the habit and are into writing letters – thanks by the way for introducing your own children to this lost art – and I can’t wait to tell them that they can write to Buzz, Woody, Mickey, Stitch and the gang. Once again, great post! (Mind if I share it on my website?)

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